The Strongest & Most Durable PVC Pipes, SWR and Plumbing Systems in India
The Strongest & Most Durable PVC Pipes, SWR and Plumbing Systems in India
Corporate Social Responsibility

Organizations, like individuals, depend for their survival, sustenance and growth on the support and goodwill of the communities of which they are an integral part, and must pay back this generosity in every way they can...

This ethical standpoint, derived from our vision, lies at the heart of the CSR philosophy of the Bajrang Group.

While we strongly believe that our primary obligation or duty as corporate entities is to our distributors – we are just as mindful of the fact that this imperative does not exist in isolation; it is part of a much larger compact which we have with our entire body of distributors: From employees, customers and vendors to business partners, eco-system, local communities, and society at large. With regard to CSR, this means investing part of our profits beyond business, for the larger good of society.

We would say, "Give a hungry man fish for a day, he will eat it and the next day, he would be hungry again. Instead, if you taught him how to fish, he would be able to feed himself and his family for a lifetime".

Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of everything that we do. Throughout the years we have focused on our values, reducing the impact on the environment and being engaged with our communities. Corporate Social responsibility is instilled in our Vision, our strategies and management goals. The ethical standing of the Organization is evident in the unquestioned credibility it has patiently built over the years with all its stakeholders. In fact just like ethical practices and creation of a healthy workplace environment, Corporate Social Responsibility is embedded in our culture.

We evaluate and assess each critical business decision or choice from the point of view of diverse stakeholder interest, driven by the need to minimize risk and to pro-actively address long-term social, economic and environmental costs and concerns.

For us, being socially responsible is not an occasional act of charity or that one-time token financial contribution to the local school, hospital or environmental NGO. It is an ongoing year-round commitment, which is integrated into the very core of our business objectives and strategy.

Because we believe that there is no contradiction between doing well and doing right. Indeed, doing right is a necessary condition for doing well.

These are all very much a part of the Vision that forms the foundation of our Corporate Mission: a symbiotic relationship… the blurring of lines between our business and profitability goals and our not for profit educational, developmental and social ones...hard wired into our DNA.

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