The Strongest & Most Durable PVC Pipes, SWR and Plumbing Systems in India
The Strongest & Most Durable PVC Pipes, SWR and Plumbing Systems in India
CPVC Pipes & Fittings    

The company has diversified into new range of Hot and Cold water CPVC plumbing systems catering to the tremendously growing plumbing market in the building construction industry. For this, the company has already entered into an agreement with world renowned manufacturers of CPVC compound for CPVC pipes & fittings meeting the requirements of ASTM D-2846. The pipes are produced in SDR-11 & 13.5 and fittings are produced in SDR-11. Higher sizes 2 ½" to 4" pipes in Sch 40 & 80 as per ASTM F-441 and fittings in Sch 80 as per ASTM F-439. SDR-11 pipes are rated at a continuous working pressure of 400 psi at 23°C and 100 psi at 82°C.SDR-13.5 are rated at a continuous working pressure of 320 psi at 23°C and 80 psi at 82°C.

Ideal for use in Hot & Cold water applications in

• Villas and individual homes

• Residential apartments

• Office complexes

• Commercial buildings

• Hotels

• Hospital

Suitable upto 93°C Operation Life Anti-corrosive Anti-microbial
Lead Free UV Resistant Tough & Reliable Easy to Install

Comparison between CPVC and other Type of Pipes

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In order to make a proper and neat joint, measure the pipe length accurately and make a small mark. Ensure that the pipe and fittings are size compatible. You can easily cut with a wheel type plastic pipe cutter or hacksaw blade. Cutting tubing as squarely as possible provides optimal bonding area within a joint.

Burrs and fittings can prevent proper contact between tube and fitting during assembly and should be removed from the ouside of the pipe. Debarking tool, pocket knife or file are suitable for this. A slight bevel on the end of the tubing will ease entry of the tubing into the fitting socket.

Fitting Preparation:
Using a clean, dry rag, wipe dirt and moisture from the fitting sockets and tubing end. The tubing should make contact with the socket wall 1/3 to 2/3 of the way into the fitting socket.

Solvent Cement Application:
Use only Ayon™ FreeFlow CPVC cement or an all prurpose cement conforming to ASTM F 493 or joint failure may result. When making a joint, apply a heavy, even coat of cement to the pipe end. Use the same applicator without additional cement to apply a thin coat inside the fitting socket. Too much cement can cause clogged water ways.

Immediately insert the tubing into the fitting socket, rotate the tube 1/4 to 1/2 turn while inserting. This motion ensures and even distribution of cement within the joint. Properly align the fittings. Hold the assembly for approximately 10 seconds, allowing the joint to set-up.

Set and cure Times:
Solvent Cement set and cure times are a function of pipe size, temperature and relative humidity. Curing time is shorter for drier environments, smaller size and higher temperatures. It requires 10 to 20 minutes for perfect joint.

Corrosion Resistance:
Ayon™ FreeFlow CPVC Pipe gives excellent resistance even under the harshest of water conditions so there are no worries about corrosion of metal pipe or soldered joints. Ayon™ FreeFlow CPVC Pipe keeps pure water pure.

Tough, rigid material:
Ayon™ FreeFlow CPVC pipe has a much higher strength than other thermoplastics used in plumbing. This means that CPVC needs less hangers and supports and there is no unsightly looping of the pipe. Ayon™ FreeFlow CPVC pipe has a higher pressure bearing capability. This leads to the same flow rate with a smaller pipe size.

No Scale, pit or leach formation:
Even after years of use in the most aggressive conditions, Ayon™ FreeFlow CPVC pipe won't corrode, standing up to low php water, coastal salt air exposures and corrosive soils. Ayon™ FreeFlow CPVC pipe stays just as solid and reliable as, when installed. It maintains full water carrying capacity because its scale resistance means no build up to cause water pressure loss.

Chemical resistance:
CPVC has excellent chemical resistance to strong mineral acids and bases.

Low thermal expansion:
Ayon™ FreeFlow CPVC pipe has lower coefficient of thermal expansion than alternative plastic, reducing pipe expansion when hot water is running, again reducing unsightly 'looping' of the pipe.

Easy, cold welding process:
CPVC uses a simple, solvent cement jointing method. Tools required are very simple and inexpensive (chamfering tool and pipe cutter only) and avoid the need for an electrical source.

Hot and Cold water compatible:
Ayon™ FreeFlow CPVC pipe is compatible with both hot and cold water. It withstand very high temperature compared to any other thermoplastic plumbing systems. Many solar and electric water heaters have CPVC piping system for heat efficience and lower installation cost.

Fire safety:
CPVC has a limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) of 60. Thus in air, Ayon™ FreeFlow CPVC pipe does not support combustion. No flaming drips does not increase the fire load, low flame spread, low smoke generation.

Approved World wide:
CPVC plumbing system is approved for contact with potable water in wide range of countries including USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Middle East among others.

Cost effective:
CPVC Plumbing System is very cost effective than any other plumbing systems. It saves cost on fittings, loops, anchors, offsets, insulation, labour, and expensive tools. More over CPVC plumbing systems last longer more than 50 years.

Avoid forceful insertion of the pipe into the fitting.
Installation Pipelines should be straight and in 90o degree and always supported with pipe clips on specific intervals.
When the system is to be concealed it should be pressure tested before concealment.
Do not use petroleum or solvent based sealants, lubricants, or fire stop materials.
Do not use solvent cement that has exceeded its shelf life or has become discolored or jelled.
Do not thread, groove, or drill CPVC pipe.

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