The Strongest & Most Durable PVC Pipes, SWR and Plumbing Systems in India
The Strongest & Most Durable PVC Pipes, SWR and Plumbing Systems in India

"Quality is not our act, it is our habit"

Our Approach to Quality
Quality provides security and is the basis for trust. In project work, in development, production and in the actual use of products, quality consciousness and quality standards determine success. The elementary importance of quality governs how we act, shapes our understanding of quality and is reflected in our own quality standards.

Certified Systems
Certified management systems ensure that quality standards and goals are anchored company-wide, across all areas and processes; they steer activities aimed at optimization and they coordinate quality assurance. All the production companies and the majority of sales companies worldwide are ISO 9001 certified. The Central Test Lab for material and product approvals, located at the headquarters in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, is accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025.

We take a global approach to quality
By systematically integrating business partners and suppliers, we pursue a holistic approach to quality, thus warranting a binding claim to quality along the entire value-added chain.

Thanks to the global quality management system, customers around the world benefit from the highest level of quality, professional project management, operating safety and comprehensive know-how. Expert teams make sure that products and systems are developed and manufactured according to all the relevant norms and specifications. Whether in planning, consulting or training courses, qualified employees competently support customers on site

Quality is second nature to us
AYON Piping Systems is committed to fulfilling the quality requirements of its customers and to ensuring adherence to legal norms and standards. Consistently applying our quality policies is the responsibility of each and every one of us. A strong focus on quality is natural for all our employees in performing their daily work.

Product with international standards for Agriculture, Construction, Domestic, and Industrial Applications. AYON Products are manufactured from a new generation extruders in modern plant situated at Bagru, Jaipur. For our reliable customers all AYON Products are tested in well equipped computerized laboratory to offer 100% Quality Products.

At AYON, we believe in providing the best quality of PVC products. Thus, it becomes the basic necessity for us to select such input raw materials that accomplish the company's standards for high quality and deliver finest outputs. We understand that nothing is equivalent to customer's satisfaction. For years we are working towards providing the industry and society, at large, with highly efficient quality products, which follow ISO Standards.

Our high quality standards have contributed in a big way in the success of the company. It has brought to the company satisfied customers and have inculcated such a strong bond of trust that the company has been the front runner in the industry throughout.

Our Commitment For Quality
• Wall Thickness and Weight as per norms
• Latest Technology in compounding and pipe extrusion

Quality Policy
AYON strives to achieve complete customer satisfaction by consistently matching or exceeding expectations. We aspire to be an innovative, responsible supplier of the best quality products, with the world as the market. We dedicate ourselves to continual improvements in products quality and customer service though………

• Updating & implementing material & process innovations to maintain & improve product quality & consistency.

• Researching improvements to add to the quality standards of the products.

• Providing our units with the latest equipments & procedures complying with international standards.

• Continuous improvements in unit operations, processing systems & logistics, to optimize the manufacturing process & yield maximum output.

• Conducting internal quality audits and reviews for an ongoing evaluation and improvement of the quality control systems.

Customers are a key source of feedback on quality and product performance, we welcome suggestions and constructive criticism, which forms the basis of improvements.

Quality Objectives
• Consistently delivering quality products matching the set specifications, contractual, regulatory and statutory requirements.

• Keeping our products & services to provide "value for price" & "cost effective" as per the application, customer & market needs.

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